What Will You Find on Antony Hampel’s Instagram?

Instagram used to be the mode for people to show their artwork. But it has now devolved into a commotion of endless shorts with no creativity whatsoever. But there are those like Antony Hampel who know what it was about. He understands that Instagram was originally a way to communicate intention and love through images. So, on Antony Hampel’s Instagram, you will find the event organizer’s love for art, music, family, and travel, all curated and all in one place.

antony hampel instagram

On one end, you’ll find images of him basking in the travel adventures that he has been on in Turkey, France, New Zealand, Greece, and England.

His other images focused on his love of art. And he has no qualms about showcasing what his official event agency, Alive, is capable of doing. The imagery of theatrics combined with practical aspects that are highlights of most of his events got him the attention of many individuals.

Selfies Don’t Have Much of Place on Antony Hampel’s Instagram

Instagram was what made selfies popular. Showcasing your smiles surrounded by things you love was the right way of self-expression. Troubles arrived when that turned into a self-aggrandizing weave of images that only entice but don’t inspire. Breaking the norm is Antony Hampel, whose Instagram has taken a different route. His focus is on sharing experiences, people, and places.

As you scroll down his page, you’ll find many captivating sights of many amazing wonders of nature. You will find beaches and mountains on one side and sand and snow on the other. Using Instagram as his own personal diary rather than a series of selfies, Antony Hampel states.

“For me, Instagram is more about sharing an experience with people rather than sitting in the corner and pouting at the screen. It is the platform to share the world with the people. And that is what I am trying to accomplish.”

Who Does Antony Hampel Follow on Instagram?

One question that’s generally asked about Antony Hampel is who does he follow? The answer to that is not that cut and dry. Even though he is in the event business, he is very stringent about whom he pays attention to. Not one to mince words, he states –

“Instagram is a home to a lot of good, but there are a lot of bad too that we must all be worried about.”

Therefore, Antony makes a conscious effort only to follow individuals who actually offer valuable content related to his niche. His favorites are creatives, art groups, and performers. Many travel bloggers also make it to Antony Hampel’s following page.

“These are those who inspire by documenting their travels and artworks, and they are the most valuable individuals to follow.” Antony says.

Highlighting his Events in the Best Light

One of the better things that you would find on Antony Hampel’s Instagram is his experiences with events. Some of the most notable events he has covered include the Australian Grand Prix, Robbie Williams in Concert, Roger Waters in Concert, Australian Open, Leon Bridges Concert, Fleetwood Mac concert, Van Gogh Concerts, and many others.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There has been a large influx of content on his official website lately, and he has been steadily gaining followers. All of these posts have one common theme: stunning backdrops combined with the passion of Antony Hampel to continue to inspire through Instagram.

Using Instagram as a Vehicle for Marketing

Antony Hamper’s personal Instagram account is humble. While it doesn’t have massive followers, all the followers it does have are those who are part of the event industry, This is being used by the event savant as a way to help his clients find the best artists and increase the value of those events.

It is through his Instagram account that not only his clients get to take a look at some of its work but also find connections to reach out to. This high level of transparency by Antony Hampel showcases the care and dedication he has for event seekers.

Antony Hampel Parents

One might ask – what made Antony Hampel the man he is today. His creativity, discipline, and dynamic approach to finding solutions when none are to be found have to come from somewhere. The answer lies with Antony Hampel’s parents.

They stood by him from an early age, as Antony Hampel recalls – It was them that showed me the wonder of theater shows and concerts’. He also reminisces about how his parents didn’t just take him to concerts but took the concerts to him as his house was filled with music, song, dance and related peripherals.

Antony Hampel Parents


These factors combined to create a force that drove Ant Hampel to pursue a creative field from a very young age. His love for music, which he inherited from his parents, also extended to his grandmother, who took him to shows now and then. Antony’s grandfather, a classically trained musician, also had a lot to do with his early upbringing in the creative space.

Choosing a Creative Path at the Behest of His Parents

Born to Goerge Hampel and Suzanne Hampel, Antony Hampel could tap into their non-linear thinking and creativity that drew him towards performative arts. Having understood his predisposition towards artistic subjects early on, Antony’s parents took action and placed him in schools where such pursuits are more valued than academia.

Reminiscing about how Antony’s drive allowed them to see a clearer path to his future, they once said,’ We knew that Antony was different. His mind inclined more towards a creative path rather than academia. And since the world needed more people with a creative outlook, we pushed him to take a creative route, even in his professional field.”

Many might attribute this to the parent making career decisions for a child, but Antony Hampel’s parents argue, “Our goal was to help him move to a direction where he can potentially succeed in most – and he was the happiest when he was focusing on his creative wheels.”

Living in Melbourne to Expose Antony to Creativity

Known to be one of the biggest cultural hotspots of the world, Melbourne was the perfect place to raise Antony Hampel, his parents felt. A place where an art gallery was at almost every turn, Melbourne gave Antony’s mother the drive to pursue her career while helping her son realize his creative goals. Working as a professional photographer, Art Gallery Owner, and TV producer, Suzanne Hampel’s knowledge about the performative field was more than just skin deep. Antony Hampel’s father, George Hampel, wasn’t far behind when it came to creativity either. Even though he was a lawyer, his love for her wife and her performative arts pushed him to share in her dream to make Antony something big in the performative industry.

“I still remember how Antony wanted to play in school rehearsals or learn drums rather than being at the footy”, his parents said, recalling the time they took him to see performances at the Myer Music Bowl, St Martin’s Theatre, and botanical gardens.

Antony’s parent’s desire to expose him to a creative ecosystem allowed Antony to develop a deeper understanding of art, which led him to study at St Martin’s Theatre.

Antony Hampel’s Parents’ Impact on Antony’s Career

The teachings of his parents never left Antony – as is with most children. But the environment he was raised in, coupled with early exposure to performative arts, events, and galleries, turned Antony Hampel into a different kind of creative.

One would think looking at an artist’s performance would drive someone to choose a path where they too can become an actor or a singer, but Antony Hampel found something more. He was not only enthralled by the acts but also by the set designs. The cohesive relationship between the audience and the performer under the spotlight, the way different elements were coming together, and how every event ended with a smile on everyone’s face inspired him to take a different career path.

With time, he became more interested in the background of how every element worked together in addition to how everything looked to the audience. It drove him to look for events where the event creator, and the audience, both feel satisfied.

That drive leads him to pursue a career as an event manager. Entering the industry in his late teens, he absorbed everything there was to know about organizing events. From how to lend practicality to the creative visions of a client to managing the budget of an event so that the client doesn’t have to overspend, from dealing with the whimsy of artists always looking to be under the spotlight to create a valuable experience of the audience, he learned everything he needed to make an event alive.

That led to the creation of Alive Event Agency – which now stands as one of the top event management agencies in Australia. With accolades from the best event agency to the best concert, Alive Events still tries to make events more alive, giving audiences across the country and worldwide an experience they will never forget – all thanks to Antony Hampel’s parents.

antony hampel age

Antony Hampel Age

Whenever a major event is happening in Australia, there is one name that is often recalled by many event organizersAntony Hampel. Age doesn’t matter to this man. Even at 55, he has the spring in his step as a young man. He moves forth with the zeal of his youth. His thirst for bringing the best brand activation solution remains unsated. And his collaborative impact on getting the best events in Australia to life is renowned across the country – especially in Melbourne and Sydney.

Many say that Antony Hampel ages much like his event – like wine. Let us dive into the history of this “experience maker” that has captured the imagination of many through his unique approach that combines practicality and creativity.

antony hampel age

Starting With the Vigor the Learn and Re-strategizing Rapidly

Antony Hampel’s nuanced approach to branding aims to provide the most bang for your buck; He never stops analyzing and re-strategizing. And the reason is simple; every first idea could be made better with enough time, and every better argument could be made more communicative when there is a team involved.

That’s what Antony Hampel represents. He started as an event management specialist in his late teens. Capable of understanding clients’ needs and comprehending how to get the event in the best light, he has always moved forward after carefully thinking about every step.

And how does he accomplish it? It all comes from his dynamic approach to handling events. An event, you see, can’t always grow linearly. Going straight and narrow will allow you to see things laterally – and lateral thinking provides the most information. So, instead of taking one step after another, he thinks of the same step over and over again.

How can it be made better – he asks. And how can it be attuned to what the client actually needs – he queries himself.

Only after getting the correct answer does he move forward. Does this process appear slow? It does. But in actuality, he is not the only one doing the thinking.

Antony Hampel – Using His Age and Experience to Create a Team Just as Dynamic As Him

“An idea has several branches, but not all branches can be seen by the one who conceived that idea”- this quote from a relatively unknown writer can appear complex initially. But the more one gets into it, the more one realizes how Antony Hampel uses his age to instill experience and training into a team so that all could think about the same idea as him – but a bit differently.

This approach has helped Antony Hampel help many brands, including Adidas, @ Hotels, Disney, and even the Australian Grand Prix.

Embracing Both the Legacy Media and the Digital

One advantage of Antony Hampel’s age is that he has been active at the right, where he got to experience most of the legacy and modern digital media. Being active at the nexus of technological developments, he understands one philosophy that even vexes the best one among us – the tools change, but the principles remain the same.

That understanding allowed him to entertain and inspire the audience through his events.

And his talents got to shine the most when he came up with a unique solution during the pandemic to help brands and businesses create events and stay active. That approach was known as Alive TV.

How Alive TV Saved Events During the Pandemic

The pandemic was a time of trials for us all, and for a few of us, it was also a time of opportunity. Digital transformation wasn’t a buzzword anymore. As lockdown separated us physically, virtual connection across the digital frontier was the only closeness we could achieve.

Amidst this need, Antony Hampel came up with a unique strategy. He ideated creating an online digital platform that allows events to be conceived, designed, and transmitted straight to people’s screens across the digital space.

That resulted in the salvation of many B2B and B2C companies that were in desperate need of more awareness about their products and wanted to retain the essence of live events in the digital space.

How has Antony Hampel been Able to Accomplish So Much Till Now?

“Your body ages physically. But with the right tools, your mind can get sharper” – this quote would fit Antony Hampel perfectly. His approach towards helping others has always been forthright, and his zeal towards learning new things has always been unparalleled. Over these years, he has arranged hundreds of events and organized 28 events for the Australian Federal government. And he has been able to accomplish so much because of his desire to learn constantly. His experiences with every event – good or bad – have taught him something.

And his teachings have then gone to his team, who helps him and Alive Event Agency achieve a lateral path towards growth.